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Brit History a man of gentle birth, who was entitled to bear arms, ranking above a yeoman in social position



(Russian, dzhentl’men). (1) A man of “well-born” origins, a nobleman. This usage is now considered obsolete.

(2) In Great Britain and other English-speaking countries, a man who strictly adheres to the bourgeois “society” rules of behavior and observes so-called good form.

(3) A polite form of address to men in English-speaking countries. In the figurative sense a gentleman is a man who has been well brought up.

References in classic literature ?
On the contrary, gentlemen, we would assist you if it were necessary.
And now, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, without stopping to explain his conduct to Porthos, "All for one, one for all--that is our motto, is it not?
The three gentlemen bowed and hastened to take advantage of this permission.
I have -- doubtless I am dreaming; tell me, sir," he said to the sergeant, "do you know those three gentlemen who are just gone out?
In the first place, gentlemen, you know that I was the means of Monsieur de Rochefort's escape; well, I was very near being hung by Mazarin and that made me more popular than ever.
Thus questioned, gentlemen, I no longer hesitate," said Athos.
on the contrary, suspicions arise in me as well as in you; and I say, it is impossible, gentlemen, that the general, on the eve of a battle, should leave his army without saying anything to at least one of his officers.
replied he, addressing the governor, "I was right; these gentlemen are two Spanish captains with whom I was acquainted at Ypres, last year; they don't know a word of French.
But, is it possible," said the governor, "that these gentlemen do not comprehend at least some words?
He had been instructed to wake the gentlemen early; and he knocked at their door.
Well, gentlemen,' said the stout man, 'very glad to see you.
Gentlemen, I beg your pardon; this is my friend Mr.