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Of or pertaining to building or construction; architectural.
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An altitudinal difference of about 4900m between its origin near Babusar Pass in the NE and the Tori Village 674m amsl in the SW at the mouth of Salol Nala was a clear indicator of geotectonic activity (Khan 1998; Khan et al.
The most convincing piece of evidence found to date lies in the rather sizeable "erratic" geotectonic chunk of sub-Appalachian real estate gleaned from the Gulf of Mexico area on the Atlantic side of North America that migrated to South America and welded itself to the Precordillera on the Pacific coast of central Chile.
185 The Valdes Basin is one of the geotectonic units forming the Patagonian Plateau.
Reconnaissance field visits by foreign geologists to inspect selected prospects in any of the three main geotectonic settings described above may be organized easily.
Wang, "Isotopic characteristics and genesis of sandstone-type copper deposits in the Chuxiong Basin, Yunnan province," Geotectonic et Metallogenia, vol.
This research presents an example of using GIS, combined with other tools, to use maps to interpret geophysical data, taking as an example, the aeromagnetic data reduced to pole obtained for the Nueva Rosita area, in order to assess the geotectonic regime in this section of the Sabinas Basin, located in northeastern Mexico (Figure 1).
McCall, G.J.H.: 1997, The geotectonic history of the Makran and adjusent areas of southern Iran.
Sand and sandstone petrography is a useful tool to deduce both the geotectonic setting (Ingersoll, 1978; Dickinson and Suczek, 1979; Dickinson and Valloni, 1980; Dickinson et al., 1983; Dickinson, 1985) and lithology of a source area (Blatt, 1967; Dickinson, 1970; Pettijohn et al., 1972; Basu, 1976; Mack, 1981; Palomares and Arribas, 1993; Arribas and Tortosa, 2003).

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