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For the first time in the United States, a supplemental groundwater pumping system will increase the efficiency of a closed-loop geothermal system.
When Nashville-based Cumberland Heights had to address an aging infrastructure for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) on its 11-building campus, it chose a geothermal system.
However, the truth is geothermal systems still cost more than regular heating and air, but the beauty of owning a geothermal system shines through when looking at the advantages it has over others," said Uzar.
The new building was equipped with a modern geothermal system.
Obviously cost savings is and always will be the number one reason to install the geothermal system.
Dixie Valley is home to a large and long-lived geothermal system that is still active.
Last April, we replaced our propane furnace and hot water heater with a ClimateMaster geothermal system.
Ideal for homeowners, anyone training for the geothermal industry, and home-building partners (including architects, builders, lenders, inspectors), "Geo Power" goes over various GHP system options and why installing a geothermal system is a smart investment.
Under this "geothermal loop lease" program, PSREC paid the upfront cost of installing and maintaining a geothermal system while its member-owners had the opportunity to lease back the use of the system from the coop.
The transition from a conventional FTVAC system to a geothermal system is expected to help Rockline reduce company-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.
Electricity produced by a geothermal system is expected to cost between 18 and 20 US cents per kWh.
A newly constructed building with an open-loop geothermal system outflow stream on campus provides a powerful context for student driven experimentation in an environmental chemistry course.