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name applied to any of a large number of hoofed, ruminant mammals of the cattle family (Bovidae), which also includes the bison, buffalo, sheep, and goats. Found in Africa and Eurasia, they range in size from pygmy antelopes, 12 in.
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(Litocranius walleri), an even-toed ungulate of the subfamily of true antelopes. The gerenuk has an unusu-ally long thin neck (only 18-25 cm in circumference) and long legs. Body length, approximately 150 cm; tail length, over 20 cm; height at the shoulder, 90-100 cm; weight, 43-50 kg. It is sandy red with white underparts.

The gerenuk is widespread in East Africa, where it lives in desert localities with sparse shrubs and trees. It feeds on tree leaves; it can stand on its hind legs a long time to tear off the leaves. It usually stays in pairs or small groups (six or seven females and one male). The gerenuk can go for long periods without drinking, since it receives adequate moisture from the juice of plant leaves. It is a game animal.

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