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Cu3(Ge,Ga,Fe)(S,As)4 Reddish-gray mineral occurring in massive form; an important source of germanium.



a mineral of the group of complex sulfides; chemical composition Cu3(Fe,Ge)S4. The germanium content is 7-10 percent; insignificant amounts of zinc, lead, gallium, and arsenic are present. Most researchers attribute germanite to the cubic (or pseudocubic) system. Crystals are unknown.

Germanite is usually found in the form of separate nodules, exudations, or solid bodies in close association with pyrite, gray copper ores, sphalerite, or galena. It is brownish pink with violet shadings and is opaque, with a metallic luster. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 4.0; density, 4,400-4,600 kg/m3. It has been discovered in hydrothermal copper-polymetallic deposits. It is an important source of germanium. The only known commercial deposit is located at Tsumeb in Namibia (South West Africa).


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The presence of gallium in germanite from Tsumeb has been known since 1922 (Strunz et al.
1974) found germanite as an accessory species in both Ge-rich zones, their view being that germanite was deposited before renierite.
De tels exemples indiquent une piste de recherche a poursuivre, la germanite pouvant etre un operateur pour reconstruire les montages de l'alliance et de la filiation.
Toutefois, les personnes ainsi liees a un naq sont quand meme appelees des naguedo, ce qui indique que la conjugalite reste la representation globale de la relation, contenant en quelque sorte celles de germanite et de filiation.
Le conflit qui advient entre eux, et qui s'envenime malgre leur lien de germanite, est sans doute un autre indicateur d'une impossible vie commune.