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Gonzalez's square grids are composed of tight clusters of thousands of miniscule "drops-within-drops." His process involves the application of dabs of acrylic polymer emulsion to a gessoed surface.
The surfaces used for this assignment can be canvas board, mat board (with a gessoed "X" on the back of the board to keep the surface taut), canvas paper or stretched canvas.
The various alibis that have enabled returns of this sort over the past twenty years, from Appropriation to Simulationism, have been discarded so that the artist may, once again, face down the tundra of the gessoed surface as if for the first time, contending with this, and only this, space.
Once gessoed, students tinted the surface ground with a dead color, like brownish-green.
As described on the opposite wall in A Rose, the performance must have been a huge success: A cascade of ten-foot-high long-stemmed thorny roses--two drawn in charcoal, three cut from gessoed wood--is caught in a state of suspended animation and delirium.
Students will be fascinated to see him use a variety of surfaces other than canvas, including gessoed canvas, rice paper, a wood panel and clayboard.
In Untitled, 1987, a numinous graphite shape bleeds from the center out over the gessoed page; in another work made a few months before his death, a similar graphite center has been violently eradicated.
Somewhat blinded and disoriented, the viewer is then to turn and look at the gessoed white canvas that Opgenorth has placed perpendicular to the floodlight, in order to see the results of visual discombobulation temporarily but intensely etched upon the retina.
(He labored for three to four months on each image, painting onto gessoed linen with a tiny oo brush.) Working from a selection of five mediumformat photographs taken in his studio, Campos produced images of delicate texture and translucent color that depart entirely from the harshness of Photorealism.
These now lay on the floor to the left of a roughly seven-by-five-foot canvas, which was propped against the wall on a couple of gallon paint cans and gessoed to a glossy sheen.
repetition-compulsion is uncanny." So when Mills writes the same word ten thousand times, laying down layer upon layer of desperation-tinged writing--scratched in, gouged out, gessoed over--it's not Gertrude Stein (really, five repetitions will turn just about any word into an object), and it's not just neurotic either.