gesture recognition

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gesture recognition

(1) Computer recognition of handwritten check marks, slashes and other shorthand symbols as commands and annotations.

(2) Swiping a touchscreen with a finger or stylus. Definition #3 below is the common meaning of the term; however, swiping with one finger, and motions such as pinching with two fingers, also fall under the programming category of gesture recognition. See swipe and multitouch.

(3) Identifying hand and body movements. In 1998, Toshiba introduced a device that used infrared light reflected from a user's hand to sense its motion. More than a decade later in 2010, this capability was employed in Microsoft's Kinect controller for its Xbox, and motion control products have debuted ever since. See Kinect.

Pretend It's in Your Hand
The Leap Motion controller lets people play games and musical instruments, create objects and explore the world with dozens of Windows and Mac gesture-based apps from the Airspace online store. (Image courtesy of Leap Motion, Inc.,
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A dynamic gesture recognition system mainly consists of three key techniques: detection, tracking and recognition [1].
For FG 2018 they are soliciting papers in all areas of face and gesture recognition.
31 May 2017 - UK-based technology and intellectual property investment services provider Tekcapital plc (AIM: TEK) has acquired the worldwide exclusive license to a software program and patent application for enhanced gesture recognition for computing devices, the company said.
The research in Sign Language Interpretation (SLI) began with Hand Gesture Recognition (HGR).
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With neither stereo vision, nor a structured light method, nor a 3D depth sensor, but with just a CMOS sensor available anywhere, you can achieve the highest level of gesture recognition.
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In addition, online hand gesture recognition brings more challenges, as gestures are often characterized by unpredictable boundary noise (see Figure 1(a)), due to the lack of perfect vision-based gesture segmentation methods, between gestures (when gestures are coarticulated) (see Figure 1(b)), leading to ambiguous recognition [8].
Technavio's analysts forecast the global 2D gesture recognition market in consumer electronics to grow at a CAGR of 20.
2D gesture recognition is used in the consumer electronics such as smartphones, TVs, tablets, and laptops.
Applications include 3D scanning, gesture recognition sensors, IR illumination for security systems, medical scanning and medical low light laser therapy.
The controlled combines hand gesture recognition, haptics and touch to make shortcuts that can used to make your life simpler.