ghost trap

grave trap

On a theater stage, an oblong trap, 2 often located toward the front of the stage along its center line.
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Collection highlights include "Ghost Trap," from Gloria AnzaldA*a, "Republic of Tricksterism," by Paul Seesequasis, and "Terminal Avenue," by Eden Robinson.
A woodland mouse's animal friends rally to help her build a house and, later, a ghost trap. This is a delightfully written and illustrated collection of two short chapter books for beginning readers.
INCEPTION TO RELEASE 'GHOST TRAP': The Inception Media Group LLC has announced the release February 12 on DVD of the movie Ghost Trap.
"The Ghost Trap" tells the story of a lobstering community and of Jamie Eugley in particular.
Choosing between one of four modes of fire, the player targets the spectre, depleting it of energy, before guiding it into a ghost trap. While this pattern repeats throughout the course of the game, it never feels repetitive due to the variety of ghosts, the varying locations and the quality of banter between your fellow ghostbusters.
Staying with the science-fiction theme, a collection of boxed or carded Ghostbusters action figures and toys, mostly by Kenner, including action figures, the Fire Station Headquarters, Ecto-1 and Ecto-2, a Proton Pack, a Water Zapper, a Ghost Trap, and a Green Ghost, sold for pounds 220 in the same sale.
I look around for the ghost trap where we'll keep the ghoul safe until Tony can take it to the containment unit.
"Be careful of ghost traps (crab traps without a buoy).
The Telegraph reported, "Staff at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center wrote 'Who ya gonna call?' on flyers and posted them in the hospital's windows, and the cast--Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones--duly arrived in costume, and armed with ghost traps and some new proton packs."
Some adventures I performed with toy figures, others in drawings for ghost traps and ghost radars."
The mortality rate of diamondback terrapins in crab traps was estimated as quite high (Seigel and Gibbons, 1995), 10% by Bishop (1983), and 10-50% by Wood.(1) TED's would also reduce diamondback terrapin mortality in ghost traps (i.e.
Don DeMaria, a decorated veteran of the fish trap battles, compared replacing longlines with fish traps to "trying to cure small pox with anthrax." During his presentation, DeMaria showed videos of ghost traps filled with bones and offered a report by a Ph.D metallurgist that found that depending on water temperature and current, that ghost traps remain intact and kill for as long as 25 years.