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giant schnauzer:

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, a sturdy, wirehaired dog developed in S Germany. There are three separate breeds of schnauzer distinguished by their size. The standard schnauzer is a medium-sized dog whose existence in Germany dates back to the 15th cent. It stands from 17 to 20 in. (43.1–50.
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Giant Schnauzer


a breed of working dog of the pinscher group. Its origin is not known precisely. Development of the breed began in Germany in the 1920’s. The giant schnauzer is a large, active, easily trained dog. The males stand 65–70 cm high at the shoulder, and the females, 60–65 cm. The coat is wiry, of uniform length over the entire body, and black or silver-gray in color. The ears and tail are cropped. Giant schnauzers are used in European countries as guard dogs and tracking dogs. There are few of them in the USSR.

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He was judged against a flatcoated retriever, a giant schnauzer, an Old English sheepdog, a wire fox terrier, a saluki hound and Pekingese toy dog.
He's a giant Schnauzer," said one owner - although to be honest I couldn't see it, eh?
My mum has a cat I adore, and we've just got a giant schnauzer puppy called Louis.
I was once asked to find a three-legged giant Schnauzer for an INXS pop video but I eventually tracked one down in Guildford.
There, in a kind of pellucid gloom, three wolf beads (they look like giant schnauzers, but never mind) seem to rise from the slick, dark floor as from a winter lake.
It occurs in beagles, collies and giant Schnauzers.