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A removable plate designed to hold other parts in place or act as a bearing or wear surface.
(mining engineering)
A temporary support at the face to prevent coal from falling before the cut is complete, either by hand or by machine.
A prop put in the holing of a seam while being undercut.
A piece of metal often used in the same hole with a wedge-shaped key for holding pieces together.


1. A steel strap used to clasp two members together.
2. Same as gib or jib door.


A backseat pilot or navigator in a two-seat tandem aircraft. Also called GIB, or guy in back.
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GIB scintigraphy can play an important and unique role in characterizing and risk stratifying patients presenting with lower GIB.
In fact, within one hour of receiving GIB from an NGA technical representative, the Soldiers have taken it on patrol and are using it to better visualize and understand their surroundings.
CODE BREAKER A = E B = P C = W D = B E = I F = V G = C H = Q I = U J = Y K = G L = R M = N N = M O = A P = X Q = Z R = L S = S T = T U = O V = F W = D X = H Y = K Z = J ANSWERS: Domomo = banana, fomerro jukilt = vanilla yogurt, nery = milk, ulomka ziega = orange juice, dramwal = blender, ymeva = knife, bobal gibs = paper cups, bubsegra stegys = popsicle sticks, cop bobal = wax paper, bubs = pops.
In addition, all machine types have unique procedures when it comes to adjusting gibs.
A lump sum is invested into the Gib, which pays a guaranteed level of income for a set term.
offers the Quick Set Cutterhead which it says features 30% noise reduction because the gap between the cutterhead body and gibs has been eliminated.
GIBS members and their guests enjoyed a festive evening of dining and dancing set in a sparkling blue and white decor.
GIBS has also boosted its executive education offering.
It was not a particularly complicated mold, but still required regular periodic maintenance and some attention to the tapered rails and gibs during production.
All the machine's ways will be remachined to original specifications and new gibs, bearings, and bushings will be properly fitted.
Colin Jackson at Baronworth Investment says: ``Nobody should invest in GIBs if they might need their money back early.
The feed must be uniform and if the machine does not have a backlash eliminator drive, the table gibs should be tightened to prevent the workpiece from being pulled into the cutter.