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1. a hook or open notch in a rod or lever that drops over the spindle of a valve to form a temporary connection for operating the valve
2. a pointed tool used in masonry
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A social networking service similar to Twitter that was introduced in 2017. Like Parler, Gab features uncensored free speech and attracts conservative and alt-right members. In early 2021, after Amazon stopped hosting the Parler service, Gab membership increased dramatically. See alt-right, Parler and social networking service.

Speak Freely!
Gab emphasizes that its platform lets people say what is on their mind no matter how controversial.
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Lima points out that throughout his nearly seventy years, Valle-Inclan, whose Galician ancestry had given him what the Irish refer to as the "gift of gab," exercised his two lifelong vocations of writing and talking: the first in numerous publications in periodicals and books, the second in the tertulias or daily gatherings in cafes and cultural centers, especially the Ateneo of Madrid.
* Don't just use your gift of gab, but ask questions
I'm sure you've heard the expression used to describe people who can work a room: they have "the gift of gab." The people we describe that way seem to have been born with the ability to converse.
Moreover, the consensus amongst a slew of media specialists, all of whom were interviewed by KUNA, is that charismatic candidates have a greater likelihood of winning a seat in parliament due to their gift of gab and undeniable presence.
Last week, Jewish hip-hop icon Drake announced to a Detroit audience that he was about to bring out the "greatest rapper to ever get on themicrophone." Imagine the crowd's shock when it was Eminem who rose out of the floor of Joe Louis arenanot that a Motor City crowd would rather see Gift of Gab or Big Boi or a Tupac hologram than one of their city's biggest musical exports, mind you.
Blessed with gift of gab, Ali knew how to get a psychological edge over others particularly his opponents.
He's opened for or toured with artists such as Wale, Freestyle Fellowship, KRS-1, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Gift of Gab, Mr.
Bankers said fraudsters armed with magic pen and gift of gab could appear in the form of bank sales agents, insurance representatives, bill collectors, real estate agents or any type of direct marketing executives who collect payments in cheques.
It's up to Pop Larkin's gift of gab to lighten family spirits, in this fantastic foray of free-spirited fun!
Why not hand that task over to an extrovert who's been blessed with the "gift of gab" and speaks in a way that makes other people want to listen to him or her?
DJ/ producer Chief Xcel (Xavier Mosley) and MC and rapper Gift of Gab (Timothy Parker) have already established themselves in the pantheon of "alternative hip hop" with their early noughties output, and Imani finds them on similar form.
"Marina" looked the part of a health and wellness coach: pretty and well-preserved in her mid-40s, with a tight figure and the gift of gab. The mantra of her 4-year-old business was that she could "transform anyone from flab to fab" according to their definitions and timetables.