gig stick

USB drive names

All the following terms refer to flash memory-based USB drives. JumpDrive and ThumbDrive are brands from Lexar and Trek 2000 International, respectively, and Memory Stick is Sony's trade name for its digital camera memory cards, not a USB drive. See U3, secure USB drive, USB and memory card.


   USB drive
   flash drive
   flash disk
   USB flash drive
   jump drive
   thumb drive
   pen drive

   flash stick
   jump stick
   thumb stick
   USB stick
   memory stick (see  Sony Memory Stick)
   USB memory stick
   gig stick
   stick drive


   keychain drive
   key drive
   USB key
   memory key
   disk key

A Key USB Flash Drive
This 2012 ad from Best Buy astutely covered all the bases for USB terminology.

radius rod

1. A plastering tool; a wooden arm fixed at one end to a mold and attached at the other end to a center about which it swivels; a gig stick.
2. A long wooden arm with a marker at one end for tracing large curves.
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If you really need a souvenir of Monday's NEC gig stick with the greatest hits.
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