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(computer science)
A unit of computer speed, equal to 109 flops.


(GFLOPS) One thousand million (10^9) floating point operations per second.

One of them is strictly "one gigaflops" in the same way that one mile per hour isn't 1 MP.

See prefix.


(GIGAFLoating point OPerations per Second) One billion floating point operations per second. See FLOPS.
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"The Myriad 2 VPU housed inside the Movidius Neural Compute Stick provides powerful, yet efficient performance - more than 100 gigaflops of performance within a 1W power envelope - to run real-time deep neural networks directly from the device.
Intel also announced the Phi SE10X and SE10P processors with 61 cores and 1,073 gigaflops of computing power.
Intel's Shekhar Borkar, who works on the DARPA Ubiquitous High Performance Computing project, said today's 100 gigaFLOPs computer uses 200 watts.
The chip, based on the MIPS architecture, delivers a peak performance of 128 gigaflops while drawing just 40 watts of power.
FLOPS indicate how many mathematical operations involving decimal fractions a computer can handle per second, PCs are measured in millions of flops (megaFLOPS), mainframe computers in billions of flops (gigaFLOPS), and super computers in trillions of flops (teraFLOPS).
The company said that the card delivers 620 GigaFLOPS of computing power and GDDR5 memory and also has full support for Microsoft's DirectX 11.
* An IBM Power7 IH MCM chip delivers 1.28 gigaflops per watt at the package level and roughly 0.93 gigaflops per watt including the switch.
Apple's new Snow Leopard operating system (OS) is the first OS to integrate OpenCL, a cross-platform open standard that makes it possible for developers to tap into the vast gigaflops of computing power currently in the graphics processing unit (GPU) and use them for any application.
For example the NVidia GeForce GTX280 GPU contains 240 streaming processors that have a peak rate of approximately 960 gigaflops compared to a high-end (Intel Core2Quad) CPU that has 4 cores and a peak rate of approximately 96 gigaflops (Fathalian & Houston, 2008)
Not every embedded computing problem needs multicore processors, terabytes of local data storage or GigaFLOPs of raw processing horsepower supported with a plethora of DSP math libraries.
Each processor node has a peak performance of 64 gigaflops and consists of 8 vector processors (each of which has a peak performance of 8 gigaflops).
The company has also upgraded its Xserve 1 U rack optimized server to deliver dual 64-bit 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5 processors with over 35 gigaflops of processing power per system.