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see jigjig,
dance of English origin that is performed also in Ireland and Scotland. It is usually a lively dance, performed by one or more persons, with quick and irregular steps. When the jig was introduced to the United States, it was often danced in minstrel shows.
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Par exemple, Quick decrit comment les performances de la gigue de la Riviere rouge << se laissent voir comme un index d'interactions sociales et de points de vue qui ne concordent pas necessairement avec un recit national fige de l'identite metis >>.
After the Preghiera the ballerina is offstage during the Gigue and Menuet.
The two trio sonatas don't really have enough tonal variety, while the Fugue la Gigue needs more of a spring in its step.
In the Sonata's second movement, Stumpf's always fluent traverso sound floated above the neatly articulated violin and cello lines, flowing into the sweet longing of the Passacallie, then a spirited Gigue, and finally a rousing Minuett restoring relentless lilt to the melody-rich offering.
Bach's first English Suite, which opened the evening, established Brownell's style - a free and introspective Prelude, carefully balanced Allemande, Courantes and improvised Doubles smouldering with constrained passion, deeply-felt Sarabande and jolly Bourrees and Gigue.
La gigue de la Riviere Rouge est une melodie jouee au violon ainsi qu'une danse qui ont une resonance particuliere pour les Premieres Nations et les Metis du nord et de l'ouest du Canada.
Clementi's third movement has many broken triads in the left hand and Duncombe's Gigue also contains these.
In the final gigue Bach takes off his wig and has some fun.
His programme will include Concert Overture in C (Hollins), Fugue alla Gigue (Bach), Sonata 'The 94th Psalm' (Reubke), Aria (Manz), Caprice (Johnson) and Dieu parmi nous by Messiaen.
Sara le Menestrel montre tres bien comment la gigue, danse cadienne traditionnelle depuis 1970 , divise le groupe en deux : ceux qui ressentent une reelle fierte vis-a-vis de l'engouement porte par les non-Cadiens a cette danse et ceux qui eprouvent un malaise devant le caractere ostentatoire de cet amusement dit traditionnel.
When he first flashed into my consciousness with his cheery gigue in Balanchine's Mozartiana last season, I thought he had springs on the bottoms of his feet.