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, gild
1. (esp in medieval Europe) an association of men sharing the same interests, such as merchants or artisans: formed for mutual aid and protection and to maintain craft standards or pursue some other purpose such as communal worship
2. Ecology a group of plants, such as a group of epiphytes, that share certain habits or characteristics
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A place of assembly for a society of craftsmen or merchants for their mutual assistance; an outgrowth of similar medieval organizations or guilds.
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In offering such a broad spectrum of products, AirSure will draw on the varied expertise of the Van Gilder staff to provide clients with a comprehensive perspective.
Technological advances over the past century, such as the advent of the computer age and creation of the Internet, have helped Van Gilder Insurance grow.
HEAVENLY INTRIGUE: Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe, and the Murder behind One of History's Greatest Scientific Discoveries, Joshua Gilder and Anne-Lee Gilder.
The Gilders acquired the property for $80,000 in September 1988 from Sid Dabbs.
Mrs Gilder had been collected by her friend's son from Cardiff bus station after returning from a school exchange trip to Norway when she was hit by Saunders.
magnificent Gilder's Choice[TM] finishes) and the Museum Group[TM]
The difference in these last two growth rates is a result of Gilder's Law and tells us that networking speed is increasing faster than processing power.
He started his stage career at the Gilder Hall Drama Club in the 1950s and became patron of the theatre's trust last year.
BOB GILDER rolled in a two-foot birdie putt on the second play- off hole last night to beat Tom Jenkins and lift the Kroger Senior Classic in Ohio.
Among the others are Charles Brunie, chairman emeritus, Oppenheimer Capital; Richard Gilder, partner, Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co.
"NetGuard Edition is the killer application in George Gilder's Telecosm future" said Dennis Hickey, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services of MCLX.
No one has been a greater apostle of broadband than the right-wing guru George Gilder, author of the book Telecosm: How Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolutionize Our World (Free Press, 2000) and publisher of the Gilder Technology Report, which offers investment tips-albeit not terribly successful ones of late.