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process of applying a thin layer of real or imitation gold to a surface. The process is employed on wood, metal, ivory, leather, paper, glass, porcelain, and fabrics and is used to embellish the decorative elements, domes, and vaults of buildings. Gold, or a substitute, may be applied in leaf form to a surface prepared by a treatment of size, mercury, acid, or heat. The applied leaf is burnished or left matte. Mechanical and chemical gilding of metals has been largely superseded by electroplating (see platingplating,
application of a plate, or coat, of metal to a surface for decoration, reflection of light, protection against corrosion, or increased wearing quality. The practice is of ancient origin: gilding was developed early; the Romans soldered silver plates to articles of baser
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). The art of gilding is of ancient origin. It was lavishly employed in Egypt, Greece, and Rome and during the Renaissance and has been used continuously in Asia.


Gold leaf, gold flakes, or brass, applied as a surface finish.


(graphic arts)
Overlaying material with a thin layer of gold.


1. Gold leaf, gold flakes, brass, etc., applied as a surface finish.
2. The surface so produced.
References in classic literature ?
Polish is easily added, if the foundations are strong; but no amount of gilding will be of use if your timber is not sound.
The gilding of the pier-glasses was rubbed off; the paint on the cornices was hardly visible through the layers of dust that time had collected.
As we passed the City the last rays of the sun were gilding the cross upon the summit of St.
As an exquisite embodiment of the poet's visions, and a realisation of human intellectuality, gilding with refulgent light our dreamy moments, and laying open a new and magic world before the mental eye, the drama is gone, perfectly gone,' said Mr Curdle.
The frame of a looking-glass was blackened, and the gilding must have been volatilized, for a smelling-bottle, which stood on the chimney-piece, was coated with bright metallic particles, which adhered as firmly as if they had been enamelled.
It is a mirror which no stone can crack, whose quicksilver will never wear off, whose gilding Nature continually repairs; no storms, no dust, can dim its surface ever fresh; -- a mirror in which all impurity presented to it sinks, swept and dusted by the sun's hazy brush -- this the light dust-cloth -- which retains no breath that is breathed on it, but sends its own to float as clouds high above its surface, and be reflected in its bosom still.
The term was coined by writer Mark Twain in "The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today" (1873), which satirized an era of serious social problems masked by a thin gold gilding.
From glitzy gilding to rhinestone-encrusted, we're scramblin' the plain ol' dip-dye into some seriously sparkly shells.
Print Icon's heritage print services have expanded to include on-site gilding in any color or metal effect.
NYSE: GCI) today named Emma Gilding vice president of Brand Research and Strategy.
Gilding even got a high-five from Tom "the world is flat" Friedman, right there in the august pages of The New York Times.
To prepare the eggs for gilding, poke a hole into each end of each egg with a needle, and blow out the contents.