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see guildsguilds
or gilds,
economic and social associations of persons engaging in the same business or craft, typical of Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Membership was by profession or craft, and the primary function was to establish local control over that profession or
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Nestor gave out the gold, and the smith gilded the horns of the heifer that the goddess might have pleasure in their beauty.
The youth, in the peril of the moment, had dropped his gilded staff, and thrown his arm about the Lady of the May, who leaned against his breast, too lightly to burden him, but with weight enough to express that their destinies were linked together, for good or evil.
Whether it were the monarch himself, or some famous British admiral or general, or the governor of the province, or perchance the favorite daughter of the ship-owner, there the image stood above the prow, decked out in gorgeous colors, magnificently gilded, and staring the whole world out of countenance, as if from an innate consciousness of its own superiority.
One of his productions, an Indian chief, gilded all over, stood during the better part of a century on the cupola of the Province House, bedazzling the eyes of those who looked upward, like an angel of the sun.
DISLODGED digs, dislodge, dodge, dodged, dodges, doge, dogs, geld, gelid, gels, gild, gilded, gilds, glide, glided, glides, goes, gold, legs, lodge, lodged, lodges, loge, logs, ogle, ogled, ogles, slog.
Like a painter, he primes the canvas with paint, lays out his design by stenciling rectangles with masking tape, gilds the surface with copper or silver, and then applies chemicals.
The end seemed nigh for Gilds as well, but in 1545 the royal commissioners made favourable reports upon them.
CHESHIRE hotels entrepreneur Mark Boler has acquired catering recruitment company Gilds from its administrator.
The frames that Artech/Denman gilds by hand are made by a third party, but many of the frames sold by Denman are designed by the artisan staff members.