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see pinkpink,
common name for some members of the Caryophyllaceae, a family of small herbs found chiefly in north temperate zones (especially the Mediterranean area) but with several genera indigenous to south temperate zones and high altitudes of tropical mountains.
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; stockstock,
in botany, common name for any species of the genus Matthiola, for Malcomia maritima (Virginia stock), and for the wallflower, all belonging to the family Cruciferae (or Brassicaceae; mustard family), and for a carnation of the family Caryophyllaceae (pink
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; wallflowerwallflower,
Mediterranean perennial (Cheiranthus cheiri) of the family Cruciferae (or Brassicaceae; mustard family), particularly popular in Europe, where it flourishes on old walls.
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Like a wilted gillyflower, Julia is equated with the banality of the image that Georges assigns her.
The opposite of such structure is motley - the pied, the dappled, the maculate, the gillyflower, the real displaying itself as "fluctuating tatters." Once a mottled surface appears, it has a particular structure, of course, but the sense is always that it got that way haphazardly, by patchwork, and that it may not last.
If crow-flower was the same as crowfoot, or ~buttercup', as is argued in Furness's Variorum edition, this too would rank as an antifertility herb (see Riddle, 80); modern editors, however, usually identify it as the ~ragged robin', a gillyflower or wallflower that was also occasionally listed as an abortifacient (Riddle, 85).
The cologne is the essence of charm with peonies in voluptuous bloom, exquisitely fragile, and flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose, and gillyflower.
The main aspect of the garden was to provide colour and scent and is traditionally known as a gillyflower garden which is a summer flowering garden than looks and smells nice."
Hitting double tops were newcomers Otter and Co from Whitland, who took champion and reserve with their home-bred Murray Greys, a yearling bull Ashrose Ninja and a maiden heifer, the 18-month-old Judy 9, and the Gleeds of Monmouth who did likewise with their Red Polls, Wheatfield Dukes Nigel, an eight-year-old bull, and an 11-year-old cow, Fedw Gillyflower.