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gemel, chymol, gimmer, gymmer, jimmer

Two corresponding elements of construction considered as a pair.
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Aberfield cross gimmers (100) averaged PS130.75 and sold to PS135 twice.
This time around it was the gimmer trade he peaked when selling his first in the ring ENM1801997 at 9000gns.
Gimmers - 1 A Steff, Waggoners 600gns; 2 TG Wright, Ballytaggart 500gns; 3 A Morton, Stobilee 250gns.
Ericstane Flock 90 ewes PS183.46; 32 Gimmers PS368.33; 3 Ewe Hoggs PS973.33.
Pure Texel Gimmers 180, 132 Lilburn Estate, 168, 148, 145 Elsdon Burn, 150, 140, 130 Clarabad Mill, 135 Juries House.
To spend an afternoon sorting your gimmer (female) lambs into keepers and ones to sell, only for someone to leave a gate open and them all muddle up again, is frustrating.
Breeding gimmers and ewes (18) sold to PS96 for cross gimmers from Lochcroft, Kininmonth.
Charollais: Gimmers (10) PS386.40; Ewe lambs (6) av PS163.33.
Scotch mule gimmers to PS100, PS99, PS98 Longhouse.
A feature of the sale was the stock dispersal of North Country Cheviot Gimmers and Ewes from John Findlay, Kilbride Farm, Isle of Islay with 30 Gimmers averaging PS102 and 175 Ewes (1-4 crop) averaging PS79.
He said: "Every year we would buy 500 Mule ewe hoggs at Tow Law and sell two thirds of them in the spring with lambs at foot and the rest in the back end as gimmers.
There's a lot of work getting the gimmers ready for auction - trimming bellies to accentuate their length of leg, plucking out any untidy white hairs on the face and colouring the fleece.