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Ornamental cord made of various materials, often with a wire, and sometimes with a coarse cord, running through it.
Cord used to outline the design in lace.
A braid or tape used to hide upholstery tacks in places where the covering fabric is attached to exposed woodwork.
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(GNU Image Manipulation Program) An open source paint and image editing program for Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows that originated as an undergraduate project by Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball at the University of California, Berkeley. Numerous programmers have contributed to the project, turning GIMP into a serious image manipulation tool that supports layers, alpha channels, third-party plug-ins and three scripting languages.

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Using Python, Perl or Script-Fu scripts, GIMP can be used for batch processing and the automation of tasks such as the interpolation of frames for animation sequences. The GIMP source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). "Grokking the GIMP" by Carey Bunks is a comprehensive manual for GIMP users. For more information, visit

GIMP In Action
GIMP provides sophisticated paint and editing functions as is evident in these various dialogs and palettes. (Image courtesy of Carey Bunks.)
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Impressively, Season 2 of My Gimpy Life reached its Kickstarter goal of US$55,000 in under a month (Sherer, 2013).
to film, works to educate people not just through My Gimpy Life, but as a member of the disability committee for the Screen Actor's Guild.
Confronted with hordes of gimpy people living longer lives, orthopedists have used surgery to clean out damaged joints, braces to stabilize a wobbly gait and artificial knees and hips to replace damaged bone ends, a last resort against osteoarthritis.
Fish, the 2004 Olympic silver medalist in Athens, entered this week on a gimpy right ankle, one he injured two weeks ago in Atlanta.
The first use of the term CAPTCHA is due to Blum, Ahn, and Langford at Carnegie-Mellon University team [2] who developed the Gimpy CAPTCHA to prevent unauthorized advertising in Yahoo's online chat rooms.
Here, then, I would endorse the affirmation of another critic in another context: "the primacy of the text is not negotiable." A century and more, however, of diminishing, distorting or deleting the Christian comic dimensions of The Merchant of Venice has produced, not surprisingly, today's gimpy Martyrdom of Shylock.
"They feel viewers will warm to Kate's larger than life personality and blunt put-downs - although producers were startled at how sarcastic and rude she was to the gimpy guy in the pilot episode.
Snook and redfish anglers do well around the rocky bars that line the Anclote navigation channel through the flats near Tarpon Springs; this is sardine country, and best action results from chunking a few gimpy free dines out to drift through the cuts, then floating one out with a No.
I dunno; maybe they could sense something different in our gimpy movements, stiff with old wounds.
Contact!'" Cpl Roocroft, a specialist machine gunner, readied himself to unleash the awesome firepower from his 7.62mm general purpose machine gun, known as a Gimpy.
It was pulled by a gimpy donkey accompanied by Lan's wife, a woman with bound feet.