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1. Prosody another word for caesura
2. Music a continuation of a note or rest beyond its normal length.



an interruption in the flow of speech. A distinction is made between logical pauses, which are determined entirely by syntax, and rhythmic pauses, which depend not on syntax but on a rhythmic impulse. Logical pauses are encountered in all kinds of speech, and rhythmic pauses only in versified speech.

In quantitative versification (for example, the choral lyrics of the Greeks), a pause may be a structural element of a line of verse: it has a definite length and replaces a certain number of syllables of the same length. In tonic versification (for example, Russian verse), where the length of syllables is not regulated, a pause may be merely an element of demarcation in a line of verse. It denotes various obligatory word divisions (for example, at the end of a line or a caesura)—that is, it is associated not with versification but with declamation. Nonetheless, some prosodists (G. A. Shengeli, A. P. Kviatkovskii, and S. V. Shervinskii) consider it feasible to regard the pause as a structural element even in tonic verse, chiefly in the dol’nik (a Russian poetic meter).


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THE news of the disturbances after England's defeat against France must surely give pause for thought to the people who are flying the St George's flag.
That should give pause to everyone who loves liberty.
Musically, the album's slick production sheen may give pause to some on first listen, but subsequent twirls will confirm its strength as a sing-along, feel-good collection of vintage Etheridge heartland rock and roll--just with smoother edges than usual.
However, consideration of the current situation in Russia does give pause for thought.
This observation, coupled with the statement from the revered John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group, that the mutual fund industry has gone from a stock-owning to a stock-renting model, should give pause.
Recent cases of computer hacking and electronic voting error should give pause to the push to change from paper ballots to electronic voting machines.
Unlike statement 19, this statement should give pause to the investigator because a great deal of pertinent information was left out.
But the precedent of a manslaughter conviction for what may have amounted to nothing more than excessive credulousness is apt to give pause even to doctors who are models of thoroughness.
This ruling should give pause to people--especially to health care providers--who seek to hide misdeeds from public view by diverting them to arbitration," said John Vail of the Center for Constitutional Litigation (CCL) in Washington, D.
Their traverse of the Sahara is unforgettable, and her description of Zaire's infamous roads should give pause to anyone contemplating a similar trip.