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1. a geographical point, such as a town, city, etc.
a. an open square lined with houses of a similar type in a city or town
b. (capital when part of a street name): Grosvenor Place
3. Maths the relative position of a digit in a number
4. Horse racing
a. Brit the first, second, or third position at the finish
b. US and Canadian the first or usually the second position at the finish
c. (as modifier): a place bet
5. Theatre one of the three unities
6. another place Brit Parliamentary procedure
a. (in the House of Commons) the House of Lords
b. (in the House of Lords) the House of Commons
7. the other place Facetious
a. (at Oxford University) Cambridge University
b. (at Cambridge University) Oxford University


A position corresponding to a given power of the base in positional notation. Also known as column.


Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment.

["The Compiler for the Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment (PLACE)", AFAPL TR-68-27, Battelle Inst, Columbus, May 1968].


A function in PageMaker and other applications that allows a selection of different types of text and graphics files to be inserted within the current document. Place is similar to the Import function in other programs, but may provide additional capabilities. For example, it may be able to maintain a link to a "placed" file rather than embedding it within the document. See import.
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According to him, "the implementation of this support programme had been carried out through 5 contracts for technical assistance, giving place to 5 strategic studies, namely an impact assessment of the national irrigation economy programme launched in 1995.
He said the chief minister has already conveyed the message to Interior Minister that KP government would avoid giving place to the IDPs inside big cities of the province keeping in mind the security situation.
Tuttis were sumptuous and well-weighted, and instrumental solos touched the heart; Elspeth Dutch's horn-playing really hit the spot, but I know she won't mind giving place to the solos of prince among concertmasters Laurence Jackson, his violin trembling on the edge of the other-world.