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What does it mean when you dream about sucking?

Sucking is an instinctive act of seeking nurturance. A dream about sucking can relate to childhood feelings of being nurtured or of being dependent. There are also numerous slang usages of this term, including advice to “suck it up” and “sucking up” to someone in authority.

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After describing the tight and unpliable nature of women's stays, he wrote, "Hence it will appear evident why women of rank, and those in the middle stations of life meet with difficulty in giving suck to children ...
And sometimes these Chops and Excoriations do so encrease by the Childs continual sucking, that in the end it takes the Nipple quite off from the Breasts, and the Woman is no longer capable of giving suck, and there remains sometimes an ulcer very hard to be cured."(75) The pain, and damage to the breast caused by infections, led some women who endured them to resist subsequent breastfeeding.

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