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an open place in a forest; clearing
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a relatively small open area in a forest. Glades form when trees are destroyed as a result of wind, heavy snow, or fire. Forest renewal in glades is difficult because of the formation of ground cover and unfavorable temperature. A large number of glades negatively influences the growth of a forest.

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So saying, he strode away through the leafy forest glades until he had come to the verge of Sherwood.
The second person, who appeared to occupy a position of distinction at the dance in the glade, was a lady.
The guests abandoned the glade; and the fingers and lungs of the musicians rested at last.
He learned where the wild deer, in their season, were to be found; when they raided the prune-orchard, the vineyards, and the apple-trees; when they sought the deepest canyons and most secret coverts; and when they stamped out in open glades and on bare hillsides and crashed and clattered their antlers together in combat.
Parking, restrooms, a playground and a pavilion are available in the central area of Frontier Sports Complex, accessible from Cedar Glade Drive.
The open weekend held in February was the first chance for people to view Foxton Glade and appreciate the excellent quality of the houses on offer.
With the partnership between Glade and Snapchat, the two organisations have collaborated to create the first-ever lens that uses eyes-only recognition technology so Saudi women can express themselves, even while wearing the niqab.
Arrange your personal guided tour of Sandy Glade by calling 01278 751271.
US firm SC Johnson, owner of Glade, said it was used in millions of homes without incident.
Field Measurements.--On August 16-17, 2010 ten randomly placed transects, 10 m in length, were established from under a Juniperus ashei-Quercus virginiana canopy into the associated glade or intercanopy patch (Van Auken et al.
He suggested she study the ecology of the cedar glades because even though botanists had studied individual glade plants in Middle Tennessee, no one had ever examined the ecology of the system.
RWCCI invites its partners from all locations as well as the local Belle Glade community and surrounding areas to participate in making the Love Harvest food distribution and outreach a success.