glass harmonica

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glass harmonica:

see harmonicaharmonica.
1 The simplest of the musical instruments employing free reeds, known also as the mouth organ or French harp. It was probably invented in 1829 by Friedrich Buschmann of Berlin, who called his instrument the Mundäoline.
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The Glass Harmonica repeatedly plays on the idea of witnesses or watchers.
Jody Rosen, a writer in New York and the author of White Christmas: The Story of an American Song (Scribner), is currently at work on a book about Benjamin Franklin and the glass harmonica.
"I was also interested in another instrument, the glass harmonica. It makes a high pitched sound, like when you put a wet finger around the top of a wine glass.
Relyea was here pinch-hitting for the indisposed Rene Pape.) Between numbers, audio designer Scott Lehrer filled the house with often enchanting, often disconcerting sounds: bells and glass harmonica and hauntedly creaking scenery.
Principal percussionist for the BBC Concert Orchestra, glass harmonica specialist, presenter and performer, he is perhaps better known in Liverpool as the man behind the increasingly popular Phil Power concerts for families.
The jarring score is of special note, with the unorthodox guitars, trombones and glass harmonica of the listed quartet supplemented by, of all things, Tom Waits' "Russian Dance" over the closing credits.
Movie lovers will be immersed in early sci-fi films including 1902's A Trip to the Moon - the first known science fiction film which was made by Georges Melies (who featured as a character in Martin Scorsese's Hugo last year) - accompanied by a live soundtrack with musicians playing such other-worldy-sounding instruments as a water phone and glass harmonica.
After the interval John returns to the organ to play Mozart's Fugue in G Minor, K401, Two Little Fugues, K154a and the Adagio in C for Glass Harmonica, K356.
This time we were given every note Donizetti wrote and a glass harmonica, not a flute, in the mad scene, as the composer originally intended.
But there's nothing like a challenge, and Monday's out of the ordinary attraction is a tune or two on the glass harmonica.
The pieces published here are from a nearly completed manuscript, Glass Harmonica. He currently lives in San Diego, where he waits tables at Tapenade Restaurant, and publishes journalistic prose for The San Diego Reader.
I want to say that glass harmonicas will not fill you with grief