glazing bead

glazing bead, glass stop

1. Same as bead, 3.
2. At a glazed opening, removable trim that holds the glass firmly in place.
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Find pine glazing bead for pounds 1.25 per metre at Wickes,
Two layers of sealant are used, one in the rebate before the glass is pushed into place and one between the glass and the glazing bead. Use a fine-bladed scraper to remove excess sealant both inside and outside once the beads are in place.
The glass fits into rebates in the surface of the door and is held in place with glazing bead, a specially shaped timber moulding which is nailed to the rebate with panel pins.
The doors, named ALR 67, have a thickness of 67mm and consist of thermal break glazing beads that prevent heat slipping in or out of the seals.
If your door or window is made of wood, you need to fix the glass with linseed-oil putty, non-setting glazing mastic, or glazing beads, which should be bedded into putty.
Make sure your putty or glazing beads are in good order so a pane of glass cannot be easily removed.