glazing block

setting block

A small block of neoprene, lead, wood, or other suitable material, placed under the lower edge of a sheet of glass to support it within a frame.
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The purpose of this research was to measure the solar heat gain coefficients of three types of thick, high-mass glazing block systems under two distinct solar angle conditions.
The objective of this research project was to measure the solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) of three glazing block systems, all of which are high-mass-type products, under two solar angle conditions.
This cross-sectional drawing is for representational purposes and does not show the glazing block.
The three types of glazing blocks tested were clear, clear patterned, and frosted (see Table 1).
This procedure was repeated five times at the center areas of different individual glazing blocks, and the average was taken as the transmittance of the product.
An uninterrupted 360 degree panorama of sky can be viewed through the canopy of glazed panels suspended internally from steel arched ribs, The glazing blocks are designed to reduce glare, but there is still enough light to bounce off the St.