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They thought of it as a land of wild mountains and glens, a land of mists and cloud, a land where wild chieftains ruled over still wilder clans, who, in their lonely valleys and sea-girt islands, were for ever warring against each other.
The flames which swept rapidly over the light vegetation of the prairies assumed a fiercer character and took a stronger hold amid the wooded glens and ravines of the mountains.
So Umslopogaas and Nada came to the glen where the child-slayer lived, and sat down by a pool of water not far from the mouth of her cave, weaving flowers into a garland.
The glen of the Tior will furnish a curious illustration of this.
The impression produced upon the mind, when I first visited this beautiful glen, will never be obliterated.
When you come to the crossroads the turn to the left will take you to Glen Ellen by Bennett Peak-- that's it there.
The turn to the right will take you to Glen Ellen, too, only it's longer and steeper grades.
And yet it was only a quarter of a mile from Wickson's hunting-lodge, and a short mile from the village of Glen Ellen.
If the curious traveller will turn south from Glen Ellen, he will find himself on a boulevard that is identical with the old country road seven centuries ago.
He spent the night in the little country hotel, and on Sunday morning, astride a saddle-horse rented from the Glen Ellen butcher, rode out of the village.
Here, part way up the eastern wall of Sonoma Valley, in range of a line intersecting the little village of Glen Ellen, he made out a scar upon a hillside.
First, James of the Glens rode to Edinburgh, and got some lawyer (a Stewart, nae doubt -- they all hing together like bats in a steeple) and had the proceedings stayed.