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Glibc Malloc Exploitation Techniques, Security Focus," [En linea], acceso septiembre 2010; Disponible: http:// www.
LinuxLink customers can choose from the latest GNU-based toolchains enabled with uClibc and glibc libraries optimized for the Cortex-A8 core and the Neon(TM) instruction set.
SuSE Linux contributes considerably to Linux development projects such as the Linux kernel, glibc, Xfree86, KDE, ISDN4Linux, ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) and USB (Universal Serial Bus).
When combined with a readily accessible toolchain, hundreds of glibc and uClibc packages, TimeStorm development tools, web-based support and a vast suite of documentation, embedded developers will have an ideal Linux environment to quickly assemble and test real time enhanced systems based on Atmel Microprocessors.
LinuxLink allows customers to choose from the latest GNU-based optimized toolchains enabled with uClibc and glibc libraries.
25 Linux kernel, toolchain and hundreds of glibC and uClibc packages.
18, more than 1200 drivers, latest support of graphics cards and glibc 2.