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Pulse-to-pulse variation in amplitude of a reflected radar signal, owing to the reflection of the radar from a body that is rapidly changing its reflecting surface, for example, a spinning airplane propeller.
The use of this effect to degrade tracking or seeking functions of an enemy weapons system.
A small region designed to strongly reflect light from a target.
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(Estonian glint; the word is of Scandinavian origin), a fault scarp of the plateau that runs along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea and on to Lake Ladoga. It is especially prominent in the Estonian SSR. It is composed of Cambrian clays and sandstones covered with Ordovician limestones, which form steep slopes and precipices up to 56 m in elevation (in the Estonian SSR).

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A distorted radar signal that varies in amplitude from pulse to pulse. A glint is caused by a radar beam reflected by some rapidly moving object.
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A legacy family of 2D and 3D processors from 3D Labs, Inc., a division of Creative Technology Ltd., Milpitas, CA ( that were widely used in high-end graphics cards. 3D Labs' Wildcat Realizm technology followed the GLINT line, which supports high-level shading languages such as OpenGL and Microsoft's DirectX 9.
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This section takes the angle glint calculation of F18 as an example to analyze the influencing factors and compare the exact expression in (6) and approximate expression in (18).
I subsequently found some last-century discussion on the newsgroup sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe about such Moon glints. Robert Matson explained in a message from June 1998: "At any given location, they are extremely rare.
Both new boards use 3Dlabs' new generation GLINT R4 128-bit rasterization processor, specifically optimized to deliver enhanced workstation application performance with double the small primitive throughput of the previous generation GLINT R3.
While working the graveyard shift 45 to 80 feet below Hollywood Boulevard in 1994, he saw a glint of white through dirt flying from his tunnel-digging machine.
How had they lived among thieves born with singed wings and webbed teeth gifts and ornaments from the family pit raised above their beds as they swallowed a glint of whiskey out of the holster.
Acknowledging EU judges will have a role in enforcing agreements between Britain and 27 other countries would be a rare glint of honesty from the squabbling Tory Government, as it thrashes about in pursuit of a deal it is unable to define, let alone demand or deliver.
The open air and sounds of outdoor activity brings a fresh perspective to creative brainstorming that's truly unique to Glint."
Your Poem OUR TAYLOR JANE We cannot deny it, so I must proclaim, she's pretty as a picture, our Taylor Jane Sweet as candy, cuddly and cute, a little miss heartthrob, a Liverpool beaut She poses for the camera with a glint in her eye, a cheeky smile, little miss I'm not shy She's nearly three and we'd just like to say, many happy returns, and have a lovely birthday This special wish from us to you, is filled with hugs and kisses too Have lots of fun and jelly and ice-cream, love from Nan, Grandad, Auntie Louise and Uncle Liam xxxx by Anna Mahon, Norris Green s
Detecting water on Earth-like planets would offer the tantalizing prospect they could sustain life, and scientists hope the reflection of light, or "glint", from mirror-like ocean surfaces could be picked up by the upcoming generation of space telescopes.
The grass shines like a satin quilt With stitches earthy brown, Red berries glint in hedgerow's grasp Like jewels within a crown.
and watched the slice a little at the edge that glint that means