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spherical map of the earth (terrestrial globe) or the sky (celestial globe). The terrestrial globe provides the only graphic representation of the areas of the earth without significant distortion or inaccuracy in shape, direction, or relative size. However, the flattening of the earth at the poles and its slight bulge below the equator are normally disregarded in the construction of a globe. Probably the earliest globe was constructed by the Greek geographer Crates of Mallus in the 2d cent. B.C. Few attempts were made to construct globes in the Middle Ages, although Strabo and Ptolemy, at the beginning of the Christian era, had formulated precise and detailed instructions for doing so. The first globes of modern times were made in the late 15th cent. by Martin Behaim of Nuremberg and Leonardo da Vinci. One of the earliest globes constructed (1506) after the discovery of America is in the New York Public Library. A celestial globe is a model of the celestial spherecelestial sphere,
imaginary sphere of infinite radius with the earth at its center. It is used for describing the positions and motions of stars and other objects. For these purposes, any astronomical object can be thought of as being located at the point where the line of sight
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 intended primarily to show the positions of the stars.
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A spherical ornament, fabricated out of solid wood or a metal shell, usually found on the top of steeples and cupolas.
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a model of the earth depicting its entire surface and preserving a geometrical approximation of the contours and relationship of areas. The most useful scales of a globe range from 1:30,000,000 to 1:80,000,000. Globes are extremely varied in their cartographic content. The most widely used are physical geographic globes. Occasionally, relief globes with molded surfaces representing mountains and uplands are produced.

The first geographical globe is considered to be the one made by M. Behaim in 1492. In the 17th and 18th centuries globes were used for navigation of the seas. With the appearance of sea maps and sailing directions, globes lost their usefulness, but they are widely employed as educational visual aids (school globes).

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What does it mean when you dream about a globe?

Having control of one’s world can be indicated by a stationary globe. A spinning globe often symbolizes the opposite situation—that one’s world is out of control.

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A sphere on the surface of which is a map of the world.
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globe, light globe

1. A transparent or diffusing enclosure (usually of glass) to protect a light source, to diffuse and redirect the light, or to change the color of the light.
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in Christ child’s hands signifies power and dominion. [Christian Symbolism: de Bles, 25]
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1. a sphere on which a map of the world or the heavens is drawn or represented
2. a planet or some other astronomical body
3. Austral, NZ, and South African an electric light bulb
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