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/glob/, *not* /glohb/ To expand wild card characters in a path name.

In Unix the file name wild cards are:

* = zero or more characters (E.g. UN*X)

? = any single character

[] any of the enclosed characters

indicate alternation of comma-separated alternatives, thus foobaz,qux would expand to "foobaz" or "fooqux". This syntax generates a list of all possible expansions, rather than matching one.

These have become sufficiently pervasive that hackers use them in written English, especially in electronic mail or Usenet news on technical topics. E.g. "He said his name was [KC]arl" (expresses ambiguity). "I don't read talk.politics.*" (any of the talk.politics subgroups on Usenet). Other examples are given under the entry for X. Note that glob patterns are similar, but not identical, to those used in regexps.

"glob" was a subprogram that expanded wild cards in archaic pre-Bourne versions of the Unix shell.
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A 2012 paper indicated that fish shooting at a nearby target could time their spit so that the water glob forms shortly before the stream smacks prey.
SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom will allow players to take on the role of their favorite hero and villain from several highly popular Nickelodeon animated television shows.
Dekker also wants to understand how a gene and a regulatory element find each other in such a dense glob.
These communities take many forms, including slick films on rock walls, mats in the cave's streams and pools, and moist globs that geologists have dubbed snottites.
Outfitted in a black an white nun's habit designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Blondel began by standing on a wooden prayer stool and dripping large globs of sticky maple syrup down the top of framed Plexiglas canvases into aluminum gutters lined with goose down.
It was arts and crafts day in the lab," says Worden, who helped make the fakes from wire, glue globs, and salvaged wings.
From the first book, she recommends Soho Globs, Dagwoods, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Apple Caramel Casserole.
Individual globs of viscous material swept into the plume at these lower depths would stretch upward like pulled taffy as the plume rises but wouldn't mix with neighboring globs, says Farnetani.
Bacteria are associated with carbonate formation, and there are bacteria-generated globs of carbonate that look very similar to those on the fracture surfaces,'' Kirschvink concluded.
Ignoring a few difficulties with language, the ants that tend giant networks of fungus globs could swap horror stories about pests with any wheat farmer in Kansas.
We, on the other hand, could only watch helplessly from our campsite, which resembled a biohazard waste dump: globs of encrusted condiments stuck to tables; tents pitched at random; toys enough for a small Third World country lying everywhere, along with bikes, helmets and crumpled fruit punch packs.
The seven continents were created with globs of clay and featured mountains, valleys and lowlands in shades of red, brown, yellow and green.