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(computer science)
A file of commonly used phrases that can be retrieved in a word-processing program, usually through use of a command and a keyword.
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in linguistics dictionaries, an alphabetical listing of words or phrases to be defined or translated.


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(1) See glossaries in this publication.

(2) See The Computer Glossary.

(3) A Microsoft Word term that was also adopted by other word processors for the list of keyboard macros created by a user.
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Second, the glossarial part of the book could also be published as an e-book.
The lexicography of earlier English is one particular beneficiary of their efforts, as so many Old English words occur only in glossarial texts.
We are given a great amount of close reading of a glossarial kind, and it is clear that McCanles respects Jonson's poetry, but his style is joyless (and weak on accidence) and his focus so iteratively narrow that he seldom convinces as a reader of poetry.
The critical apparatus, the glossarial index, the added notes on plot and romance features and the personal reflections throughout the volume will assist others starting out to create a newly-edited text.