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(computer science)
A file of commonly used phrases that can be retrieved in a word-processing program, usually through use of a command and a keyword.
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in linguistics dictionaries, an alphabetical listing of words or phrases to be defined or translated.


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A term used by Microsoft Word and adopted by other word processors for the list of shorthand, keyboard macros created by a particular user. See glossaries in this publication and The Computer Glossary.
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One hopes lexicographers of Urdu would benefit from such glossaries and author dictionaries.
Of course, this is completely dependent on the strength of the glossaries of the survey text in adoption for a course.
Sjogren according to his individual long-term program of compiling standard minimal (basic) glossaries for each of the languages and dialects, which he had opportunities to study over the years of his travels.
For Spanish speakers, Amigos Contra el SIDA, AC (Mexico) offers two glossaries.
Users can organize glossaries, compiled automatically by Instant Text, for different tasks--such as addresses, e-mail, work, medical or general correspondence--and can combine or use several glossaries simultaneously.
Kindschi, The Latin Old English Glossaries in Plantin-Moretus MS 32 and British Museum MS Additional 32246 (Stanford University dissertation, 1955), 92.15.
During the past 20 years of revising the five editions of the Federal Standard-1037 series of telecommunications glossaries, the editors have found several rules of glossary style, presentation, and grammar - as well as several techniques of computer-file management - to be helpful in making the glossary user-friendly both in committee and in final presentation to the target audience.
Glossaries are generally produced in the three official ISO languages, English, French and Russian, although often other countries develop their own glossaries, based on the ISO text, in their own language.
In addition, says this same judge, her experience with EINSHAC gave her the idea of providing case-specific scientific glossaries for jurors, which she has used several times at trial.
Glossaries frequently contain entries with multiple glosses in which each gloss defines only a single aspect of the lemma.