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(computer science)
A file of commonly used phrases that can be retrieved in a word-processing program, usually through use of a command and a keyword.
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in linguistics dictionaries, an alphabetical listing of words or phrases to be defined or translated.


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(1) See glossaries in this publication.

(2) See The Computer Glossary.

(3) A Microsoft Word term that was also adopted by other word processors for the list of keyboard macros created by a user.
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The statement also criticises the praise the glossary has received from overseas and by foreign media and international organisations of journalists.
"A few of our Emirati volunteers were very active in their participation and helped us a lot with the outreach and to get momentum at the start of the project," said Mubarak, who explained that two of the most active Emirati volunteers that helped shape the Arabic glossary are Shaika Al Maskari and Nada Al Ameri.
This glossary goes beyond good definitions to the intellectual context of the term concerned.
What would be the complaint indignant journalists and press officials submit to the OSCE, the UN and the International Federation of Journalists -- that the OSCE drafted a glossary that aimed to promote sensitive use of language in order to build trust between the two sides in Cyprus?
The glossary will be available in major national bookstores and through
The glossary is highly addictive and once taken assistance will never leave the readers pursuit because of its high utility, precision, accuracy, and convenience.
224 p., colour and b&w illus., glossary, notes, selected bib., index.
The version of the uniform glossary now in use takes up three pages and defines terms such as "premium," "specialist" and "preferred provider.' A diagram on a fourth page shows how deductibles, coinsurance percentages and out-of-pocket limits work.
To view a sample of the default list of fungi for the “Fungal Glossary Spore Trap” supplement, visit
North Carolina English, 1861-1865; a guide and glossary.
The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) announces the publication of a glossary of commonly used terms that businesses can use to describe their environmental sustain-ability efforts and achievements.