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Pain in the tongue.



pain in the tongue. Glossalgia is found predominantly in women older than 25-30 years. Its causes and the mechanism of its development have not been conclusively elucidated. It frequently arises with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine and neurogenic disturbances. Psychic trauma often precedes glossalgia. Its symptoms are a sensation of burning, stabbing pain and smarting of the tongue, tongue fatigue after speaking, difficulty in moving the tongue and, more rarely, pain in moving it. Sometimes the pain spreads to other parts of the oral cavity (lips, gums, and cheeks), but only rarely does it spread beyond the mouth. When food is being taken, the pain may disappear. Treatment involves removal of the basic disease, cleansing of the oral cavity, physiotherapeutic procedures, and vitamin therapy.


Metodicheskie ukazaniia po diagnostike i lecheniiu glossalgii. Moscow, 1965.


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Patients with glossodynia often will say the pain started fairly suddenly, usually at a time when they were worried or something serious happened in their lives.
Physically, there may be little to see in a patient with glossodynia, or findings can include lingua serratia, linea alba, or papillitis.
In a study of 70 patients treated for glossodynia at the Mayo Clinic, it was found that 80% were menopausal women.