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The star of Suffer the Joy, Nick does gnarlier tricks than you while wearing his damn pajamas
But Leconte fans will appreciate a much richer, gnarlier foray into the dangerous realm where fervid commitment takes over lives to the extent of threatening them and all about them, for better and for worse.
So you know, you get pretty gnarly, but not as gnarly as if there were some other dudes there to see you get gnarlier.
Comer blasted a curb-cut one-foot and offered us an even gnarlier challenge: drinking a beer out of his prosthetic leg.
It was way gnarlier than anything I've seen anyone do on vert.
Do you think coming from Cranbrook made you gnarlier, because all the spots there are super jacked?
At Four Seasons, Eric learned Andrechts on the extension in about four tries before prepping for one of the gnarlier 50-pointers: the backside blunt revert.
It's a lot gnarlier now, and obviously these kiddies are coming up and they're not afraid to lob themselves down the 58-stair handrail while stabbing themselves in the neck for the next video part.
But 230 years ago (an eyeblink in world history) some free-thinking fellows risked it all and barely beat the Redcoats so we could enjoy the finer and gnarlier things in life.