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Or, to quote a Dickinson instance of gnomic utterance:
He compares these examples of gnomic wisdom with Paul's parenesis in Romans 12, pointing out crucial differences between Paul and the Sages.
THE LAST SECTION OF THE TRIPARTITE GNOMIC CATALOG known as Exeter Maxims or Maxims I, begins with a precis of one of its most frequently-studied themes, namely the poem's relationship to oral and textual traditions: (1)
The diagnosis of hepatoblastoma is suspected in the patient aged between 6 months and 3 years old, in the presence of a hepatic tumour, thrombocytosis and a high level of serum AFP, this association being, almost path gnomic for the diagnosis.
Then from some gnomic memory he will, depending on the catch of the day, produce masterpiece after masterpiece of gastronomic delight for the lucky diners, working purely from instinct, before disappearing into sea-mist.
Yet, whereas the gnomic qualities of Tree of Life contributed to its aura of wonder and majesty, the gnomic qualities of To the Wonder detract from its sublimity.
The gnomic response was typical of a man who has become increasingly taciturn over the course of his tenure.
These etymologies are worth considering in the context of Jackie Clark's Aphoria, a gnomic book that could be "about" any of those ideas: language breaking down, a speech-act of doubt, or a sort of barrenness.
They see connections between ultra-modern transgenic techniques to transform the biological world and hidden goals of ancient alchemists, gnomic sacred texts, and possible prehistorical high-tech civilizations.
Other bright spots in the excellent ensemble include Robyn Nevin, tough and sensible as Robin's cancer-stricken mother; Joe, who invests Tui with a fiery refusal to be victimized; and Hunter, making the most of dialogue that basically consists of a string of gnomic pronouncements.
Like them it is profoundly rich and erudite, and it is hard not to 'hear' the great man's voice in some of the more gnomic statements and cryptic references.