Go around

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“Go around”

An instruction for a pilot to abandon the approach for landing and to climb away for a visual circuit pattern, or carry out a missed approach procedure, as appropriate. Additional instructions may follow. Unless other-wise advised by air traffic control (ATC), a VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft, or an aircraft conducting a visual approach, should overfly the runway while climbing to the traffic-pattern altitude and enter the traffic pattern via the crosswind leg. A pilot on an IFR (instrument flight rules) flight plan making an instrument approach should execute the published missed approach procedure or proceed as instructed by ATC (e.g., “Go around” [additional instructions if required]). Also called “Go overshoot.” See also aborted landing.
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Go around the first half of the circle until all seven letters of the alphabet have been used with sharps, or use the enharmonic relationship between F-sharp and G-flat major to make the transition into flat keys.
I live in the Netherton area where youths at night go around killing cats.
I go around and hug the patients and staff members, and I try to keep up morale.
They go around the track, they go around the track.
Fredrikson says it may also be difficult to find the finer domestic sparkling wines, "but there will be loads of other sparkling wines to go around." So stock up if there's a special vintage you fancy, but otherwise you'll probably be able to get some bubbly to toast in the new century.
The more committed anti-gay activists seem to need more hard-core stimulation, however, and there is plenty to go around. On the heels of their successful fight against open inclusion of gay military personnel, the producers of the blockbuster Gay Agenda video have stayed in business with a new magazine, the Lambda Report.
After your instructor handed back your signed logbook and reached for the cockpit door, he or she reminded you, "If anything about the landing doesn't look right, just go around."
Estrada, who is currently out on bail in his pork barrel case, said he has not decided yet but he plans to 'go around the country' to thank his supporters.
I saw 100 knots groundspeed (KGS) passing the 5 board, 80 at the 4 board, and 55 at the 3 board (all below our SOP mandatory "go around" wickets of 100 KCAS at the 4 board, or 80 KCAS at the 3 board).
They don't go around peeing on the furniture and such."
So do not go around skating concerned about what other people think of you or worry about what you are wearing.