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aborted landing

To discontinue a planned landing for reasons such as conflicting traffic, weather, or runway obstructions. Also called rejected landing, go-around, or overshoot.
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If we consider the things we've accomplished so far in this go-around as belonging to the maneuver's first phase, what's next?
Unless you're flogging something that can land on a dime, the situation demanding a go-around has been resolved and you have thousands of feet of runway ahead of you, finish what you started.
The second thing is once you've made the decision to go around--or it's been made for you--don't reverse it and try to land out of an attempted go-around.
In a go-around, just as with so many things we do in an airplane, there's a sequence we should use.
But the go-around accidents for the period represented a "Lethality Index"--the percentage of actual fatalities--of 16.
So, while the go-around maneuver often is the best choice when an approach isn't working out to your satisfaction, it's not without some risk.
If you prefer to leave the mixture at some leaner setting, or even in its cruise position (which may be well lean of max-power settings), you'll need to advance power for go-around by first enrichening the mixture.
If it does, and if the data include target airspeeds, those are the speeds to aim for in a partial-flap go-around.
Some airplanes--especially heavier, faster ones--can present substantial stick forces in a go-around when they're trimmed for the full-flaps, power-off configuration.
Photographs taken by the witness revealed the airplane in a go-around attitude with the flaps and landing gear fully extended for the entire sequence.
Although I much prefer landing on the first attempt, go-arounds are occasionally necessary.
Grab a safety pilot and practice go-arounds under the hood.