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a light low-framed vehicle with small wheels and engine used for recreational racing



a low-powered racing vehicle with a two-cycle engine. Karts are characterized by the absence of a body, flexible suspension of the front and rear wheels, and a differential gear. The chassis of a kart is a tubular frame that supports the metal floor. The soft-back seat prevents shifting of the driver during turns. The wheels, with pneumatic tires, are mounted on ball bearings. The steering gear is similar to automobile steering gear, with a circular steering wheel. The wheel brakes may be of the hydraulic drum or disk type. The motor is located next to the rear axle. Safety requires the mounting of guards to protect the driver from burns from the hot parts of the motor and the isolation of the chain transmission for the rear-wheel drive.

Five classes are permitted for kart competition in the USSR. The largest classes are Class A, with piston displacements of up to 100 cm3, and Class B, with piston displacements of up to 125 cm3 (gearboxes are not installed on karts of these classes).

The dimensions of a kart are as follows: wheelbase (the distance between the axles), 1, 010–1, 220 mm; track, not less thantwo-thirds of the wheelbase; maximum length, 1, 820 mm; maximum wheel diameter, 350 mm. The maximum speed of karts onstraightaways is 150 km/hr.


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Once the go-karts are built we enter them into a regional competition.
The Y Kart Explorer is a fun, fast, kid- powered three-wheeled beginner go-kart that features an innovative rear-wheel steering system for easy maneuverability giving kids total control and stability while they ride.
Alonso said that his parents had always prioritized studies over racing and if he did well in studies he could keep racing in go-karts.
According to Kaz, the biggest difference between the two types of racing is that go-karts are open, while bandolero cars are closed like traditional race cars.
The 5 assistive devices included a trampoline, a "Standing Gardener" that helps Sean in the family's greenhouse, a device that allows Sean's communication unit to be mounted in a car, an all-terrain wheelchair, and the go-kart Dr.
10-11 festival will include live entertainment, a street show, an arts fair, the city's annual Oktoberfest and - of course - go-kart competitions for all ages.
Launched in August this year, his Go-Kart Party business gives children aged from four to nine their first real driving experience in safe battery-powered go-karts.
But what makes this eight-year-old smile even wider is the $6,000 he has raised through go-kart racing for Maggie's Place.
Sunday while riding a go-kart in front of his home on 18th Street, off Centennial Boulevard.
Pupils at Smith's Wood School, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, respond to last week's Sunday Mercury story on the go-kart treats for teenage tearaways.
Freudenberger is the proprietor of Colorado's only mobile go-kart track.
Products sourced by Dunlop USA out of Kobe are select motorcycle tires, industrial tires and go-kart tires.