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see shore birdshore bird,
common name for members of the large order Charadriiformes, which includes birds found on coasts and beaches throughout the world. Included in this group are the avocet, curlew, oyster catcher, phalarope, plover, sandpiper, snipe, and stilt.
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A third of all the flyway's shorebirds gather along the Yellow Sea each spring; for the godwits, among others, the entire flyway population concentrates there during migration.
The researchers studied six sets of godwit droppings and found living larvae in three of the sets.
OThen, a few years ago, when the property boom took off, we started getting people knocking on our farmhouse door asking if we would sell Godwit, with a view to it becoming a home.
17-18 2-4 16-18 2-4 16-18 30 Mar- Species Site Jan Feb Feb Mar Mar 2 Apr Marbled godwit TCN 16.
Long-billed Curlews (Numenius americanus) and Marbled Godwits (Limosa fedoa) used mainly low mudflats, while American Avocets (Recurvirostra americana) and Stilt Sandpipers (Calidris himantopus) were restricted to pools on the high mudflats.
Among waterbirds and darters, which were its specialty, it hosted Bar- headed Goose, Greylag Goose, Cotton Pigmy Goose, Black- tailed Godwit, huge flocks of Ruff and Black- necked Stork.
Located at the mouths of the Mersey and Dee estuaries, the new Mersey Narrows and Wirral Foreshore SPA and Ramsar site is home to internationally important populations of knot, bar-tailed godwit, little gull and common tern and regularly supports over 20,000 waders and wildfowl in winter.
May be extinct by 2050 Black-tailed godwit Due to increased flooding during spring.
Birds such as the turtle dove, cirl bunting, stone-curlew, black grouse, black-tailed godwit, twite and corncrake could be at risk.
Not to be outdone is the fantastically named bar tailed godwit, an elegant long-legged greyish wader with an even longer slightly upturned bill.
The Very Important Godwit (+ CD) Random House, 2010 40pp NZ$36.
October is a good time to see wigeon, shoveller, teal, greenshank, and bar-tailed godwit on the reserve and Otter are seen occasionally on and around the main pool.