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Spectacle-like eye protectors having shields at the sides and short, projecting eye tubes.
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3D goggles

A headset that renders 3D images generated within the device. 3D goggles differ from "3D glasses." 3D goggles are immersive virtual reality headsets that render the content, whereas 3D glasses are eyeglasses that filter stereo frames coming from a 3D movie theater screen, 3D computer game or 3D TV into the user's left and right eyes. For more information, see VR headset, 3D glasses and virtual reality.

Google Goggles

(1) See Google Glass and Google Cardboard.

(2) A visual search application for Androids and iPhones from Google that identified objects by taking their pictures. Artwork and books were matched by their images, while stores, buildings and landmarks were identified by their image combined with the GPS and compass coordinates captured by the phone. In 2018, Goggles was discontinued with users encouraged to migrate to Google Lens or Google Photos. See Google Lens and Google Photos.

head mounted display

A display system built into goggles that gives the illusion of a floating monitor in front of the user's face. Single-eye units are used to display hands-free instructional material, and dual-eye stereoscopic units are used for virtual reality applications. See heads-up display, body-worn computer, Google Glass, video headphones, virtual reality and CAVE.

One Eye for Instructions
These earlier Xybernaut HMDs connected to voice-activated body-worn computers, allowing technicians to read instructions while working with both hands. (Images courtesy of Xybernaut Corporation.)

Both Eyes for Virtual Reality
Also used for gaming, stereoscopic goggles transport the user into another world. Here it is used to divert the patient in the dental chair. (Image courtesy of Virtual I-O.)
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The old man advanced a step toward the fire, glowing cavernously in the green goggles. Mr.
His guest was now reclining on one elbow, watching the proceedings with the goggles that glowed like lamps.
"Homer was blind, and so was Milton, and they did something to be remembered by, in spite of it," he said, as if to himself, in a solemn tone, for even the blue goggles did not bring a smile.
Stelling as he had despised Old Goggles. If there were anything that was not thoroughly genuine about Mr.
He had a large share of pride, which had hitherto found itself very comfortable in the world, despising Old Goggles, and reposing in the sense of unquestioned rights; but now this same pride met with nothing but bruises and crushings.
The most unlikely things have a secret power over one's thoughts--the grey whiskers of a particular person--the goggle eyes of another."
"Have you ever reflected on the power of goggle eyes and grey whiskers?
NASA's Mars Mission takes an interesting turn as scientists reveal that astronauts will most likely use swimming goggles to protect their eyes while exploring the Red Planet.
AMAZON have been accused of plotting to employ Big Brother tactics after they patented goggles that can monitor warehouse staff.
BY MARK ELLIS Industrial Correspondent AMAZON has been accused of plotting to employ Big Brother tactics after it patented goggles that can monitor warehouse staff.
First-person vision (FPV) goggles. The phrase may garner blank stares from many people who are not yet familiar with the technology.