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golden calf,

in the Bible, an idol erected by the Israelites on several occasions. AaronAaron
, in the Bible, the brother of Moses and his spokesman in Egypt, and the first high priest of the Hebrews. He is presented as the instrument of God in performing many signs, such as the turning of his rod into a serpent and causing the rod to bud, blossom, and bear almonds.
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 made one while MosesMoses
, Hebrew lawgiver, probably b. Egypt. The prototype of the prophets, he led his people in the 13th cent. B.C. out of bondage in Egypt to the edge of Canaan. The narrative in the Bible is the chief source of information on his life.
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 was on Mt. Sinai. Jeroboam IJeroboam I
, in the Bible, first king of the northern kingdom of Israel. He was an Ephraimite and led a revolt against Solomon, inspired probably by the restlessness of N Palestine under southern rule.
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 made two, and HoseaHosea
, prophetic book of the Bible. It relates something of the career of the prophet Hosea who preached against the sins of the northern kingdom of Israel in the third quarter of the 8th cent. B.C.
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 denounced a calf in Samaria. A bull cult was widespread in CanaanCanaan
. 1 According to biblical ethnography, Canaan was the son of Ham and the ancestor for whom the Canaanites were named. 2 Territory, the same as ancient Palestine, lying between the Jordan, the Dead Sea, and the Mediterranean and sometimes including
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 at the time of the Israelite invasion.

calf, golden,

erected by the Israelites on several occasions, as related in the Bible and the Qur'an. Aaron made one while Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Jeroboam placed one at Bethel and another at Dan. Hosea denounced one in Samaria. Archaeological evidence suggests that bull images functioned as representations of the gods or as bearers of them. Bull cults were widespread in Canaan at the time of the invasion of the Israelites.

Golden Calf

Mephisto’s cynical and demoniacal tarantella. [Fr. Opera: Gounod, Faust, Westerman, 187]
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golden calf

idol made by Aaron in Moses’s absence. [O.T.: Exodus 32:2–4]
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The only difference is while the golden calves are trying to get good at their choice of dreams - one engaged in a technologically enhanced sport, the other transporting women across state lines, the party got comfortable with getting votes, taking people for granted and giving nothing back in return.
Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves has much to commend it--in particular, a strong analysis of economic issues and a call to a worldview on economic issues that is consistent with Scripture.
If we continue to promote the idea that we will raise the Nepalese poor out of their misery and if we suggest they give up their traditional beliefs and rely on golden calves that are losing credibility in the West, we only substitute idols that are more insidious than those they are meant to replace.
What do those contemporary golden calves look like?
The background of this aspect of the Golden Calf story may be, of course, a claim by the priests of Bethel and Dan (denied by the priests of Jerusalem) that the golden calves in their respective temples had been divinely fabricated.
The golden calves of 1 Kings 12 are held to be images of the deity rather than pedestals on which the deity was enthroned.