golden chain

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golden chain:

see laburnumlaburnum
or golden chain,
small tree (Laburnum anagyroides) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family) with decorative dark green leaves and sprays of bright yellow flowers. It is native to Europe, where, as in America, it is widely grown for ornament.
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With a bound I was on the steps of the platform beside Than Kosis, and as he stood riveted with surprise I brought my long-sword down upon the golden chain that would have bound Dejah Thoris to another.
For to the eyes of all the Utopians, except very few, which had been in other countries for some reasonable cause, all that gorgeousness of apparel seemed shameful and reproachful; in so much that they most reverently saluted the vilest and most abject of them for lords; passing over the Ambassadors themselves without any honour; judging them by their wearing of golden chains to be bondmen.
"Some found fault with their golden chains, as to no use nor purpose; being so small and weak, that a bondman might easily break them; and again so wide and large that, when it pleased him, he might cast them off, and run away at liberty whither he would.
A few of the uninjured red men battled bravely against their cruel foes, but for the most part they seemed too overwhelmed by the horror of the catastrophe that had befallen them to do more than submit supinely to the golden chains with which they were manacled.
Clearly inspired by the Genevan philosopher's treatise The Social Contract, Rita Ora showed off a golden chain dress in a series of Instagram photos.
According to his brother, Ghafoor was carrying Rs250,000 cash and wearing a golden chain and a ring that day.
He has also received the Nation's Restaurant News Golden Chain Award and IFMA's Silver Plate Award.
Animal print knit PS39, satin bias midi skirt PS29 Yellow rib dress PS25, golden chain belt PS30, Howdie high ankle boots PS89 Snake print dress PS42, pink coat PS79 Left: Dixie gingham dress PS49, Howdie high ankle boots PS89 Right: Vinyl trench PS79, green boots PS89 All clothes landing in store this month and online at Front page picture: Left: Jersey top PS19, jeans PS42, white shoes PS56 Right: Blazer PS25, knit PS25, culottes PS49, shoes PS46 Python Mensy shirt dress PS55, Howdie high ankle boots PS89 Left: Yellow jacket PS65, yellow trousers PS46 Right: strip knit dress PS35, gold chain belt PS30
Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that Hezbollah and nations of Syria, Iraq, and Bahrain have formed a golden chain of resistance in the region, and that Israeli regime is experiencing very tough days.
class="MsoNormalMy friends, knowing this, found a pastry chef called Little Cake Girl, and she made a Bruno Mars inspired cake ndash down to the signature white cap on the cover of his album, colourful Versace shirt with detailing, and black and gold theme with a golden chain! class="MsoNormalThe Bruno Mars-themed cake.
Love the Mallam sibling Clan Donna, Sharon, Anthony and Paul WILLIAM CURRIE IN Loving Memory is a golden chain that binds us till we meet again love you Thomas James Diane Elizabeth and Jacqueline xxxxx ANDY BARR Have a great day x Happy Father's day grandpa Andy love Sophie and Kyle xx JONNY ALLAN Happy Father's day Have a great Father's day love you lots Sophie n Kyle xxxx BOB Happy Fathers Day thank you for walking me every day Love Lottie (woof!) xxx JAV SALEEM HAPPY FATHERS DAY I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY LOTS OF LOVE JOHN DOCK Have a nice Father's Day From Rose xx ANDREW BROWN Happy Fathers Day Love Max x COLIN BROWN Happy Fathers Day Love you loads Xander & Zoe x TO DAD .....
MULTAN -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Multan has arrested Director Golden Chain International Maqbool Hussain after cancellation of his pre-arrest bail from Lahore High Court Multan Bench.