golden shower

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golden shower:

see sennasenna,
any plant of the genus Sennia (formerly placed in Cassia), leguminous herbs, shrubs, and trees of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), most common in warm regions. Some species are cultivated for ornament, but sennas are best known as medicinal plants.
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Golden showers might be taking things a bit too far but for whom?
Aaron Christian Reyes, 22, had an altercation with slain motorcycle rider, Jake Anthony Macadangdang, whom he allegedly hit with his car at the corner of the Golden Shower Street in San Fermin village.
What about the storyline involving an alleged golden shower tape of Trump?
The Golden Shower Tree, or the Amaltas, as it is known in this part of the world, is a native of the subcontinent.
Making the latest episode more bizarre, is the fact that at present the other party is the outgoing FBI Director, David Comey, whose claims about Trump in his memoirs are that Trump was concerned about an alleged 'golden shower' video tape the Russians might have had.
A fragrant three-to-four-month stretch more golden shower (Thanks, Donald) than golden season; something to be endured with the promise of a crisp fall arriving at some point.
The golden shower in the first 80 seconds of Showtime's "Billions" definitely got guests talking.
So, arriving in a golden shower of leaves and a somewhat anxious state of mind, I set off from my hotel room in an attempt to find the usual "welcome reception." That is simply a tired expression for "let's drink up while it's free." The hotel was large with poor signage, so I did the logical thing and followed my nose.
There was even a pale ale colourfully titled Golden Shower.
A lot of people like Golden Shower - a large, climbing rose that has yellow blooms.
The Circle Jerks formed in 1979 and released Group Sex in 1980, Wild in the Streets in 1982, Golden Shower of Hits in 1983, and Wonderful in 1985.