golden shower

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golden shower:

see sennasenna,
any plant of the genus Sennia (formerly placed in Cassia), leguminous herbs, shrubs, and trees of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), most common in warm regions. Some species are cultivated for ornament, but sennas are best known as medicinal plants.
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Golden Shower is known for being very unstable and is only strong enough to be climbed after prolonged periods of sub-zero temperatures, which the area has not had.
Hence, if belated drops yet fall From heaven, on these her plastic power Still works as once it worked on all The glad rush of the golden shower.
The difference is that never happens because having a piece of metal wedged up your vagina while your doctor takes a swab from your cervix is about as big a turn on as a golden shower.
The opening harvest scene of Act I is accomplished not with props but with a simple golden shower of fall leaves that cover the stage.
Steps away on the square, crowned by a gleaming green bandstand, families mill about or sit on new benches beneath golden shower trees admiring the newly illuminated buildings.
Blooming trees such as jacaranda, cassia, royal poinciana, African tulip tree, gold tree, Cordia, orchid and golden shower trees grace the grounds.
During our visit, the colors were nicely complemented by the yellow blossoms of the golden shower tree at the center of the courtyard.
Warhol wrote the words GOLDEN SHOWER in his own handwriting on the top of the editing notes for Jed Johnson.
But the presence of erotic and homoerotic imagery in the Starry Messenger, appearing under the guise of a series of variations on the myth of the golden shower that impregnated Danae, appears to me somewhat more problematic, for the following reasons.
But it also can boast of some stunning imagery: Gharbi, smashing his head against a wall and calling down a golden shower of autumn leaves; the also-blind Machtelt Philips rubbing her back, catlike, against a horizontally stretched rope that is hooked up to contact mikes and, therefore, screeches horrendously; the luminous cocoons of dancers suspended in ropes high above the ground, only to drop like corpses when cut down by scissors in the hands of blind performers.