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floor area ratio

The ratio of the total floor area of a building (excluding areas such as mechanical rooms or the areas of floors used exclusively for mechanical equipment) to the area of the lot on which the building is built.
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Overall, 41 percent of Texans said enforcement has gone too far, 20 percent said it's been about right and 33 percent said it hasn't gone far enough.
Some viewers of the ITV soap thought the intensely dark scenes had gone too far - but others praised the show for highlighting the serious issue.
Has Diane gone too far? At Brook Cottage, Chrissie gives Doug, Bernice and Diane an eviction notice and then Chrissie reveals to them all that Diane threw a brick through their window.
Former Swiss National Bank governor, Jean-Pierre Roth, has opined that QE measures by the European central bank have gone too far.
STARS of The Interview James Franco and Seth Rogan brushed off concerns they had gone too far in an interview given before the hacking controversy...
Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed said the United States has gone too far in keeping religion and government separate; 29 percent said the country has gone too far in mixing religion and government.
However, 31 percent think that the president has gone too far with his plans, while only 13 percent think that he hasn't gone far enough.
Mr Hague told the Commons Foreign Affairs select committee the links between former Prime Minister and the former Libyan leader had "gone too far".
Vicki said: "I think this putting people up to knock them down has gone too far. It is excessive meanness - Simon Cowell is to blame and I think he takes it too far."
A DECISION to ban police officers from riding mountain bikes unless they have received 10 hours of training was described yesterday as "a health and safety doctrine gone too far".