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/gonk/ 1. To prevaricate or to embellish the truth beyond any reasonable recognition. In German the term is (mythically) "gonken"; in Spanish the verb becomes "gonkar". "You're gonking me. That story you just told me is a bunch of gonk." In German, for example, "Du gonkst mir" (You're pulling my leg).

See also gonkulator.

2. (British) To grab some sleep at an odd time.

Compare gronk out.
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I've loved it ever since my mum saved up enough blue 'divi' stamps for a set of liquor glasses adorned with various gonks. Gonks were MASSIVE in the 60s and 70s, as Humpty from Play School will tell you.
In his seventh year at The Civic Hall, having played Corah in last year's production of Cinderella and Trot in the previous year's Jack and the Beanstalk to name just two, Kray is a classic dame and the glue to holds the whole show together, ably assisted by the dastardly double-act Baron and Gonk.
The third layer called Gonk is infrastructure layer and consist of Linux-Kernel.
US rapper Trina is mourning the death of her younger brother Wilbrent "Gonk" Bain after he was shot dead outside his mother's home in Miami.
Sound The same goofy, polka-style song plays in all the spots: "The Gonk," by Herbert Chappell, best known for having been used (with zombie moans added) in Dawn of the Dead.
"One of the most popular items was the gonk, and this revived the traditional Welsh nightshirt with the character printed on it - thousands were produced.
A Paul McCartney gonk felt toy could fetch pounds 350.
* With more than 400,000 boldface entry forms, Encarta offers thousands of new words, e.g., digerati, Generation Y, gonk, plus "Quick Definitions": These appear where a word has multiple senses and offer an overview of a word's meaning in six or fewer words printed in bold small caps.
The 53-year-old, known as "Gonk" to friends, was pronounced dead at the scene.
Jourdan Amelia Storey plays the part of Freya, Steve Kray plays the title role, Joshua Lloyd plays the Baron, Scott Livingstone is Gonk, Eva Crawford is Smorg and Brandon Gale plays Sven.
Plus we were one of the first generations of pupils allowed to take calculators into the examination hall, along with protractors, slide rules, and a lucky gonk.
Knowing the ferocious little chap has a cute name like Henry doesn't put the tiles back on my roof, or make the fact that my hair is permanently whipped into the style of a gonk any more bearable.