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It was a good afternoon for the Hugheses as Jake and Liam also notched a goal apiece for the Colliers.
And Joss Andrews completed a good afternoon for Rugby when he bagged the final try.
Erin Lees, manager of Heritage Exchange, said: "It was a really good afternoon.
Ruby Walsh (above) looks set for a good afternoon in the saddle and he can take the opening maiden hurdle on the John Kiely-trained Visit Wexford.
Having left the beautiful sunshine in the Capital, the travelling party were anticipating a good afternoon of soccer in the sun.
Labour group leader Cllr Paul Cotterill said: "We enjoyed a good afternoon.
In the last minute, winger Matty Smith crossed for Widnes to round off a good afternoon for the Heath Road faithful.
It was not a good afternoon for us," the midfielder acknowledged.
45 Yarmouth)Could do with the ground drying out a little but fancied to kickstart a good afternoon for Michael Bell after blowing out in style under today's rider on Saturday morning.
Fireman Andy Grundy, aged 28, said: "It was raining in the morning, but thankfully the sun came out and we've had a really good afternoon.