good luck plant

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ti plant

ti plant

Common houseplant, favorite food and “good luck”plant for polynesians and Hawaiians. Actually in the asparagus family and can grow to 12 ft tall (4m). Has thin seed stems with yellow or red flowers that become berries. Young shoots and leave can be eaten, roots are sweet when mature. Leaves used to make hula skirts in Hawaii. Leaves can be purple-red-yellow, or purple-white, up to 3ft long (1m). Yellow or red flowers, red berries. Be careful though, there are similar-looking non-edible plants, for example, the Dracaena plant, who's leaves stay close to the trunk, whereas Ti leaves fan out at the top of a branchless trunk. "Lucky Bamboo" is Dracaena, not bamboo and belongs to water lily family.
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The Good Luck Plant or Lord Robertson has cream and green foliage that turns red as it matures.